Thursday 6 October 2022

Illegal migrants enjoy life aboard five-star cruise ship moored in the Netherlands while Dutch citizens struggle to eat and stay warm

  Footage of illegal migrants enjoying the high life aboard a five-star cruise ship moored in the Netherlands caused outrage on social media as Dutch citizens continue to suffer from high food and energy prices.

The MS Galaxy, a “luxurious and expensive five-star cruise ship,” arrived at the port of the Dutch capital Amsterdam. The vessel owned by Silja Line and hired by the Dutch government using taxpayer money is set to remain docked at the port for at least six months.

The city of Amsterdam announced at the end of August that the MS Galaxy would come to the capital to receive illegals. It was hired to relieve the burden of the application center in the Ter Apel village located in the country’s north. The vessel left the Swedish capital Stockholm – another migrant hotbed – on Sept. 10 and arrived in the Dutch capital on the afternoon of Sept. 25.

On Aug. 26, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said he was ashamed of the situation at Ter Apel. He cited, in particular, the instance where 700 illegal migrants had to sleep outdoors as there was no more space for them inside the center.

Rutger Groot Wassink, alderman for the city of Amsterdam, said in agreement with the premier: “The situation in Ter Apel is heartbreaking. Together, we must solve the shortage of accommodation so that refugees can find a place.”

According to Groot Wassink, the cruise ship was only a temporary, short-term solution. He added that the Dutch government needs to work with municipalities to reform the country’s asylum system.


The MS Galaxy can accommodate 2,800 passengers, but more than a third of its capacity was filled up after it accepted an initial 1,000 illegals. With the cruise ship’s arrival, the Rutte government can further accommodate 1,500 illegal migrants.

The illegals can enjoy “a warm cabin for two people, Wi-Fi and a private shower and toilet” while on board. “Daytime activities and education” will also be provided to them, thanks to the Dutch Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers.

Dutch citizens outraged by illegals living the high life on taxpayers’ dime

Since boarding the cruise ship, the so-called “asylum seekers” have posted videos of themselves enjoying their stay. This did not sit well with Dutch citizens, who took to social media to express their outrage.

“Coming to the Netherlands as a migrant and enjoying a luxury cruise ship and well-prepared meals here? Quick, call on all your friends to come too,” wrote broadcaster Raisa Blommestijn. “In the meantime, the Dutch have been on the waiting list for a home for years and cannot afford groceries and energy. [A] gross scandal.”

Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders blasted the scheme in a series of tweets. The politician from the Party for Freedom (PVV) gained notoriety for his views critical of Islam. Since 2004, he has been under protection by armed police due to threats on his life.

“Everything is free for asylum seekers – nice hot food, heating and care. All for nothing on luxury cruise ships,” he tweeted. The leader and lone member of the PVV also pointed out that in the middle of this, Dutch citizens “cannot pay their energy bills and many elderly people are in diapers due to lack of healthcare staff.”

He slammed the Dutch government for spending the country’s money on illegals instead of addressing the hunger problem.

“They eat half an apple pie for dessert after dinner with meat, potatoes, rice and various vegetables – at our expense. [Meanwhile,] Dutch families with children skip meals and can no longer afford their groceries.” 

According to Wilders, many of the so-called “asylum seekers” are nothing more than economic migrants, not people fearing for their lives and escaping war.

“The asylum profiteers shamelessly show on TikTok how they cheat – by car, bus and plane through four or five safe countries. [They] then fly to the Netherlands to request asylum here and to parasitize in the five-star cruise ships of our money. This government policy is insane … and sick. Our people get a crumb; strangers get everything.” 


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