Thursday 27 October 2022

Great-Grandma Uses Cane To Try To Stop Elderly Neighbor From Being Robbed

 A 76-year-old woman fended off an attempted robbery with her cane in Oakland, California, earlier in October.

Footage from her Ring camera shows the great grandmother rushing out her front door after a would-be-thief on the afternoon of Oct. 12, according to ABC 7. The woman, known as Miss Faye, saw a young man exit his vehicle and proceed to attack her elderly neighbor, the outlet recounted.

In the video, Miss Faye can be heard calling for her German shepherd and is shown running out into the street herself to stop the attacker from stealing her neighbor’s purse, ABC 7 reported. The suspect gave up after Miss Faye hit his car several times with her cane, according to ABC 7.

“If my knees weren’t hurting me, I think I would have been out there a little faster,” the outlet quoted Miss Faye. She admitted feeling no fear as she warded off the attempted robbery. “I don’t know. It’s just something that’s in my nature,” Miss Faye said. “I do things, and it doesn’t bother me until a couple hours later. That’s how I’ve always been.” 

The elderly heroine urged people to watch out for each other and “just try and be neighborly,” according to KGO.

“Help watch out for your neighbors and watch out for the surroundings, even for your personal self, because so many things have been happening lately – not just in Oakland but all over the world. Just be aware of your surroundings. That’s all I have to say about that,” Miss Faye said.

She has since received pies and food from neighbors as thanks for her good deed, the outlet reported.

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