Wednesday 19 October 2022

Creepy Bill Gates Praises Blackrock, Tells Businesses that Climate Taxes Are on the Way (VIDEO)


Creepy Bill Gates was back on TV on Tuesday on CNBC. Gates is one of the vocal leaders behind the COVID vaccine movement pushing the experimental vaccines that killed thousands, injured millions and did not prevent the spread of the disease. The only thing we know for certain about the COVID vaccines is that we have not yet seen the end of their destruction.

Gates praised Blackrock and warned US businesses that climate taxes are coming. This guy didn’t even hesitate before he started pushing his next destructive pet project on the West.

Creepy Bill Gates:  Blackrock and Lary in particular are a prime example of private sector leadership.  Anyone who says climate should not be a factor in how you evaluate the future of a company , um, that’s not capitalism because  companies that have emissions, they are going to be subject to border adjustment tariffs or taxes.  You also have to think about companies if you’re dealing with severe weather events that’s got to be factored in.  Is the company … becoming more resilient?  So the attacks are kind of illogical because climate does affect the economy which does affect investments.

Gates also spouted off on the current suicidal transition in the West away from fossil fuels. 

Ask Europe how well that transition away is working out today.

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