Friday 7 October 2022

BIDEN ECONOMY: Job Destruction – US Adds the Lowest Number of Jobs in 18 Months


Joe Biden is destroying the American economy more and more as each day passes.

This morning the jobs report came out from the US Labor Department and it wasn’t good.

Hotair reported:

The jobs report looks decent on its own — but the trendlines are all going the wrong way. The US economy added 263,000 jobs in September, the lowest level in more than a year, and a miss even off the lowered expectations of 275,000 by forecasters. 

The more significant news is that Americans are falling behind in wages and the labor participation rate is still less than the rate in February 2020, before COVID.  These results will not impact the FED’s expected increase in rates in the next month or two.

The Biden economy is in horrible shape.  The markets are down again.  Last week we knew jobs would be down.

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