Saturday 29 October 2022

90 Day Freeze on Cleaning Voter Rolls Allows Voter Fraud and Needs to Be Challenged at the Supreme Court


The RNC has 17 “Election Integrity Directors” placed in various States. Their role is to recruit poll watchers, collaborate with state parties and stakeholders, and promote secure elections. Their names and the areas they service are not publicly available. Melissa Conway is the RNC Integrity Director for TX. She also founded the Texas Election Network, which filed affidavits challenging over 6,000 voter registrations in Harris County, TX (Houston).

After massive research and canvassing, they told the county these voters did not reside at the addresses on their registration records. Harris County didn’t remove a single one from the voter rolls. Another 49 challenges came after Aug. 10th, the deadline for the 90 day freeze on voter rolls. Many jurisdictions follow this questionable federal law. It says voters can’t be removed from voter rolls within 90 days of a federal election.

The DOJ Civil Rights Division is made up entirely of Democrat employees. Back in 2012 they did not want the removal of 180,000 non citizens from the FL voters rolls. They sued Florida, claiming the 1993 NVRA (Motor Voter) law bars officials from removing any voters from the rolls within 90 days of the election. This is now called the “90 day freeze”.  Florida fought this case and originally won. But it was appealed by the DOJ. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, with a 3-judge panel, overturned that ruling in 2014. Two of these judges decided it was illegal to clean voter rolls within 90 days.

The Heritage Foundation in 2014 explained how the NVRA laws is meant to freeze “regular maintenance activities” inside 90 days of a federal election. This means no “general maintenance” program can be conducted within 90 days. However, officials may strike from the rolls any registrant who has died, has requested cancellation, or to correct a mistaken registration. It essentially means States can remove a few voters, here or there. They just can’t use any of their regular systems or processes. It’s hard to believe they are not allowed to database match against DL records, and remove illegal voters in bulk.

In 2014, Florida argued:

“The 90 Day Provision by its terms only applies to programs which “systematically” remove the names of ineligible voters. The 90 Day Provision would not bar a state from investigating potential non-citizens and removing them on the basis of individualized information, even within the 90-day window.” 

True the Vote and Judicial Watch tried to join the case back in 2012, while the RNC did nothing.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, back in August 2021, Wisconsin officials finally removed over 200,000 ineligible voters from their rolls. Wisconsin allowed over 200,000 voters to remain on their voter rolls through the 2020 election. 

The left is allowed to stuff voter rolls with tens of thousands of voters leading up to election day. The DOJ purposely handicapped every State from cleaning those voter rolls with modern processes.

This should be revisited and taken to the Supreme Court.

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