Thursday 29 September 2022

THE IRONY: Recent Temple University Graduate Gunned Down in Philidelphia Was 2020 Democrat Election Organizer


It was reported earlier today that a young man and recent graduate from Temple University was gunned down in Philidelphia.

23-year-old Everett Beauregard was seen on video walking up to his South Philly apartment on Thursday, September 22 just after midnight when a gunman shot him to death.

According to police, the murder suspect had been circling the neighborhood on foot for one hour before he randomly shot and killed Everett Beauregard. 

Now it turns out per a cursory review of his work profile, Beauregard was a Democrat Election organizer in the 2020 Election.

His murderer wandered around the neighborhood before murdering Beauregard.  This is clear in the video above.  Once they met, Beauregard was dead.

There is no information suggesting that the murder had anything to do with the 2020 Election other than the fact that the Democrats won races in Philidelphia and this is what you get in today’s Democrat run cities.

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