Wednesday 21 September 2022

SICK: Leftist Hack Ken Burns Compares MAGA Populist Movement to Hitler in Plugging New Documentary (VIDEO)


Useful idiot Ken Burns and cohort Lynn Novak are out plugging their new documentary on America’s response to Nazi Germany in the 20th Century.

For the record: America lost thousands in World War II in the war against Nazi Germany. Let’s hope that makes it into the new film by Burns.

This latest documentary “The US and the Holocaust” airs tonight on PBS. It is purposefully set to come out right before the 2022 midterm election. And from today’s interview on MSNBC it is clear this is a hit on American workers and Trump supporters. What a coincidence!

Burns and no-name cohort Novack compare the situation in Nazi Germany to today’s political climate in the US. Burns and Novack see a correlation between Trump supporters and Nazis. How disgusting and dishonest. 

Apparently, Burns missed the fact that Democrats are:
** jailing their opposition,
** raiding the home of the former president,
** arresting opposition leaders on made-up charges,
** targeting parents at school board meetings,
** pushing porn in the nation’s elementary schools,
** forcing Americans to get a dangerous experimental vaccine that doesn’t work
** opening the border to millions,
** coordinate with tech giants to silence the opposition
** coordinating with the leftist media to silence the opposition

Yet Burns thinks MAGA is the problem? He is obviously not the genius we all thought he was.

This interview on MSNBC was a disgrace.

NEVER FORGET THIS the next time you see a Burns documentary project! It’s just a political tool for the left.

Burns is an unserious person, a clown.

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