Saturday, 4 June 2022

Woman Whose Husband Was Murdered In A Gun-Free Zone: “Gun-Free Zones Are A Magnet For Evil” (VIDEO)

Nikki Goeser’s husband was brutally murdered by her stalker in 2009 in the middle of a restaurant.

The restaurant was a gun-free zone.

Because of that, she could not carry a firearm to protect her husband from the stalker. She had to leave her firearm in the car.

Part of an Op-Ed she wrote for Fox News:

My stalker just won’t go away. Ten years ago, he murdered my husband, Ben, right in front of me in the middle of a busy restaurant. But my nightmare didn’t end with my stalker’s incarceration, as I recently found out that he is writing me letters from prison. The letters show absolutely no remorse and profess his twisted love for me.

Ben and I used to run a karaoke business in the evenings, and I would usually carry my permitted concealed handgun with me. But, at the time, Tennessee did not allow carrying in restaurants that served alcohol. While I obeyed the law, Ben’s murderer did not. He had no permit to carry, and he brought a gun into a gun-free zone.

In April 2009, the murderer shot my husband seven times in front of 50 witnesses. The whole attack was recorded by the restaurant’s security cameras.

She joined Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss how gun-free zones attract criminals.


From the video:

Nikki Goeser: “I was stalked and defenseless but I tell people look gun-free zones are a magnet for evil. I truly believe these people, whether it is a mass public shooter or a stalker, anyone with evil intent…gun free zones scream these people are absolutely helpless there defenseless, there vulnerable and what better place to attack.”

Gun-free zones are a magnet for evil.

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