Monday 28 March 2022

Ukrainian Minister Of Internal Affairs Describes Moment Russian Soldier Surrenders For £7,500 And Ukrainian Citizenship


The Russian invasion of Ukraine has now been going on for a little over a month.  There are conflicting reports from both sides, but we know that almost all major Ukrainian cities are encircled by Russia and intense fighting is going on in the East Ukrainian city of Mariupol.

There are also reports that morale among the Russian military is extremely low.  Ukraine’s defensive strategy has in large part focused on severing Russia’s supply lines so it cannot resupply Russian soldiers who are deep in Ukraine.  This has left Russian convoys stranded in Ukraine without gas or food.  Some have taken to looting Ukrainian cities.

Earlier this week, reports emerged that a Russian soldier agreed to surrender to Ukraine in exchange for money and Ukrainian citizenship.

Today, the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs described the moment the soldier surrendered and his current conditions, perhaps as an incentive for more Russian soldiers to surrender.

The Daily Mail Reports




A Russian soldier has handed himself and his tank over to Ukrainian troops for a reward of $10,000 (£7,500) and a chance at Ukrainian citizenship.

Misha, one of alleged war criminal Vladimir Putin‘s invading soldiers, surrendered in a T-72B3 main battle tank after his two other crewmates escaped home and his commanding officer threatened to shoot him.

Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Victor Andrusiv said Misha had contacted Ukraine’s national police by phone and arranged a place to meet.

He said: ‘For a few weeks in the National Police have identified the phones used by Russians.

‘On these phones, we regularly send SMS about how to surrender and hand over the equipment.

‘A few days ago, Misha called us.

‘We handed over the information about him to the GUR MO [Ukrainian military intelligence].

‘He didn’t see the point of war.

Mr Andrusiv added the Russian soldier will spend the remainder of the war as a prisoner in ‘comfortable conditions with a TV, phone, kitchen and shower’.

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