Sunday 13 March 2022

Tucker Carlson Nails it...AGAIN...Now We Know for sure...WE Are the Enemy [VIDEO]

 Tucker Carlson translates Biden’s latest blather.

By Kat Stansell- In his opening commentary Friday evening, Mar. 11, Tucker Carlson showed us what is behind the bright shiny object that is the Russia/Ukraine conflict. “Look over here, America!”

The Junta needs to distract you from their many mistakes: shutting down American energy production; the pandemic fallout of death and social/economic ruin; our own open borders and the many consequences thereof; and out-of-control inflation from over-expansion of the money supply.

In short, the first year after the coup was filled with massive failure that even their litany of lies cannot hide. They know they would lose many seats in the upcoming elections, even with most of the fraud still in place. 

War kills. It destroys lives and nations. Peaceful negotiations are always preferable. Most rational minds would agree. Throughout history, though, the left has always wanted America to remain involved in foreign wars because it wastes our human and monetary capital. This time, there is an additional benefit to them. It gives the American public something else to think about, and to rally around. Tucker points out that support for Ukraine has suddenly become patriotic. Every time you break the bank to pump gasoline, you should feel good about it because you are “sticking it to Putin,” we’re told. “A clean conscience is worth a buck or two!” lectures Stephen Colbert, who drives $150,000 Tesla, and never buys gasoline. Gag me.

Of course, stopping the import of Russian energy to the US simply directs supplies to other countries like China, India, and Turkey; it does nothing to harm Putin’s income. It also will not help to put an end to the conflict, which would be humanitarian,
BUT, ending the conflict would return attention to the Biden regime’s failures and that cannot be allowed. 

The target of a penalty is always those who will suffer from it the most, said Carlson, in his statement of the night. You, the American middle class, are who will suffer from all of this. You will pay more for everything, and feel patriotic for doing it, goes the reasoning of the left. (Brings to mind the statement of World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab, referring to the Great Reset, “You will have nothing and like it.”) You’re supporting the Ukrainian people after all! Give thanks and tighten your belts.

Who is supporting us? Nobody, Tucker points out, and Biden intends to keep it that way. From day one of his stolen term, the Biden gang has worked to crush the middle class. They want you demoralized and broke. As an “added attraction” they will also move to control what money you have left. Control of the banking system is a great tool, Elizabeth Warren says on a video Tucker played. She thinks it will help to bring Putin under control, BUT she advocates for control of cryptocurrencies as well – just in case you thought you might have outsmarted the bankers on this. She says that if Crypto operates in Russia, it will be shut down here. The FBI is already setting up a structure to do that, announced Feb. 17, 2022, a full week BEFORE Russian began the incursion.

Think about the timing of that…



As to U.S. military involvement in the conflict, support for this increases directly with the income of the person giving their opinion. A recent Rasmussen poll found that only 37% of the middle class supported our sending troops (because they are the ones who would be sent to war, Carlson suggests), while nearly all of wealthier Americans think military support would be great because they are not on the front lines as a rule. Some of their companies profit from war, too. Surprise, surprise.

Nearly every member of Congress, whether “R” or “D”, seems supportive of the Ukrainians, Tucker says. Russia is the convenient bad guy that will take the heat off of the stench of swamp error, for both sides.

Two final questions to consider: one from Tucker, the other from me:

How does your poverty help Putin? Tucker Carlson wants you to think about that. Of course, it does not, and it is plain to see.
I want you to think about this: If Ukraine is our friend, worth destroying our lives for, why was our former POTUS, Donald Trump, impeached for making a phone call to them??

The war overseas is a distraction. The real war is here at home.

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