Wednesday 9 March 2022

“These People Are Trying to Destroy Our Country Because They Are Profiting Off the Downfall of Our Country” – UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell KILLS IT on Tucker Carlson (VIDEO)


UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell joined Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night following his viral rant from last week.

During the UFC 272 Media Day last Wednesday, undefeated 27-year-old UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell shared his political views and thoughts about the Biden crime family and the Ukraine war.

Bryce “Thug Nasty” Mitchell slammed the Biden crime family and their alleged corruption in Ukraine when questioned about his views on the whole Russia and Ukraine situation.

Speaking to reporters, Mitchell accused Biden’s family of treason and bribed the people using the American tax dollar and making tons of money at the same time. He also declared that he would not fight any of the wars for these politicians in foreign countries.

“Here’s my first thought, I’m not going nowhere to fight none of these wars for these politicians. I’m staying at home. And when the war comes to Arkansas, I will dig my boots in the ground, and I will die for everything I love, and I will not retreat if this country is invaded,” Mitchell told the reporter.

On Tuesday Tucker Carlson invited Bryce Mitchell from Arkansas on to ask about his take on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Bryce did not disappoint.

Bryce Mitchell: I’m just not wanting to go waste my life fighting for some of these battles I don’t even believe in. I believe our leaders, a lot of these elites are guilty of treason. What they’ve done is just treasonous and I’m sure you know who I’m talking about a little bit.

Tucker Carlson: It’s funny that they’re accusing you of treason. Why do you think almost everyone in the media and I mean almost everybody in both political parties and of course the White House are all on the same page that you need to get behind this War with Russia. Why is this so important to them? Do you have any sense?

Bryce Mitchell: well, I don’t exactly know what their agenda is with the whole war on Russia, but I do know that all that money that’s going to the Biden family through Hunter Biden, he don’t have the merit for that position. They used our tax dollars to bribe him a job. If me and you did what Nancy Pelosi did and got millions of stocks we’d go to prison for insider trading. But she does it and she’s filthy rich. So these, their families are getting very greatly compensated while they’re taxing us to death. Inflation’s higher than ever. They’ve closed down all of our pipelines and wonder why the price of oil has gone through the roof. These people are trying to destroy our country because they are profiting off the downfall of our country. And if y’all don’t see what’s going on you’re blind.

What’s not to love?

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