Saturday 26 March 2022

Senior Officers Eat Last, Doofus! Joe Digs Into Pizza Served To US Troops “Like An ANIMAL” While Troops Stationed In Poland Watch In Amazement [VIDEO]


Feeble old Joe made a trip to the Poland – Ukraine border today while pretending the invasion of our US – Mexico border by millions of foreigners doesn’t affect our national security.

He must’ve given our troops a real shock when the “commander-in-chief” addressed the 82nd Airborne troops in a whispering voice and told them they would be going into Ukraine.

Standing in a room filled with US troops stationed in Poland, Joe Biden stood with a microphone, as he appeared to be struggling to collect his thoughts, and told the 82nd Airborne Division, “And you’re gonna see when you’re there (in Ukraine)…and some of you have been there. Your gonna see women—young people standing in the middle of—in front of a damn tank, just saying, ‘I’m not leaving. I’m holding my ground!’ They’re incredible.”


The ridiculous announcement that our troops would be going into Ukraine wasn’t Joe’s only blunder. When the 82nd Airborne troops were served pizza, Joe thought it would be a good idea to join them. Of course, our “commander-in-chief” has no clue about the proper etiquette for an officer of the military.

Newsmax host Greg Kelly, a retired lieutenant colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, had a lot to say about Joe Biden’s poor behavior.

The Troops are AGHAST that this BAFOON is “the president”–⁦ @JoeBiden.

⁩ “Digs In” to that PIZZA PIE like an ANIMAL before the Soldiers got any.

In the military, the senior officer always eats LAST!

(And have some MANNERS for cryin’ out loud) !!

Kelley followed up his first tweet with close-up images of the stunned troops:

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