Monday 21 March 2022

Rudy Giuliani to Biden: Stop Telling Putin What You’re NOT Going To Do! [VIDEO]


Rudy Giuliani: “We don’t need the President saying from the first day that Russian troops show up, we’re not going use the military.”

Trump ally Rudy Giuliani had some choice words for Biden regarding the latter’s eagerness to publicize our military intentions with Russia. Giuliani mocks Biden for cowering away from confrontation from day 1, “giving away our options” to Putin. This essentially gave Russia free reign in Ukraine, with a guarantee from the only world power who could stop them that we won’t get militarily involved.

Giuliani on Biden and Russia

However, Giuliani is not just criticizing Biden, but a more general mistake made in disarming and allowing potential threats to grow overseas.

“We keep making the same mistakes: We win the First World War, we disarm. Now We’ve got to rearm for the Second. We win the Second World War, we Disarm. Now we’ve got the Russians and the Chinese to deal with. We win the Cold War and Clinton disarms us again!” Giuliani states.

Additionally, he notes that China is increasing its own defense budget, while America under Biden is decreasing its own by 3%. This increases the deficit between China’s and our own military. Why would anyone want that, Biden?

Under Biden, and in the ’90s under Bill Clinton, America has appeared as weak. Hostile foreign leaders know that when a Democrat is in office, they can do what they want. World War 3 is a very real possibility right now, and America’s defense budget is decreasing, we’re cowering away from Putin, and China is increasing spending. World War 3 is not the only concern. If Democrats continue to steal elections, soon we will lose our weight on the world stage. 

You can watch the full interview with Giuliani below:

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