Thursday 24 March 2022

Pro-Lockdown Doctor Frequently Featured On CNN Makes Obvious Point That We Have To Return To Normal Eventually... Gets Canceled By Her Followers




While many people on both sides of the aisle seem ready to move on from covid, with even the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman saying “I don’t believe in hiding under the bed.  It’s time to get back to our lives”, there are some people who seem eager to keep lockdowns and mask mandates forever.

Yesterday, a pro-lockdown doctor who is frequently featured on CNN and has been featured in the far-left Washington Post made a point that seemed like common sense.

“For those who don’t agree that the vaccinated can return to pre-pandemic normal, I ask: What should we all do? Perpetual masking? Forever not dining out, avoiding large weddings & indoor gatherings, etc? Virtually everything has risk, and zero covid is not a viable strategy.”  Dr. Leana Wen said.

Her followers, who seem intent on maintaining an authoritarian Covid police state permanently, didn’t like that very much. 

The top reply, which received over 6,000 likes said “How about this: continue to mask until: -we have adequate ventilation and filtration of indoor air -we have effective treatments for acute and long Covid -everyone has access to said treatments and mitigations. Until then: #N95sForAll

Another user compared wanting to return to normal to alcoholism, calling ‘limiting indoor gatherings’ and ‘mask mandates’ rehab.

“Yep. Accepting sobriety is tough. We will never return to the carefree abandon of 2019. That is a narcissistic fantasy. When you learn that an old behavior now harms yourself & others & may even cause disability & death, it means you have to completely change your life. Forever.”

One person said that we should continue masking pre-schoolers, even though the harm to children’s social development as a result of mask wearing is well documented.

“At the very least preschools should still have masks! The majority can’t be vaccinated. School should be a safe space.”  The user said.

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