Tuesday 29 March 2022

Jen Psaki Admits Russia Only Attacks Ukraine When Biden Is In Position of Power [VIDEO]

 President Trump oversaw one of the most peaceful eras that the United States has seen in modern history.  Trump believed in achieving peace through strength and was able to build relationships with countries that the United States formerly maintained little to no diplomatic relations with.  This included a historic thaw in relations between North and South Korea and helping Israel establish diplomatic ties with countries that were hostile to it in the past.

During Trump’s presidency, Russia maintained a relatively low profile on the world stage.  The war in Ukraine was contained to a low-level regional conflict where Ukraine was starting to regain control over the Donbas region.  Russia did not escalate the conflict, which started under President Obama in 2014, because Trump allegedly threatened extreme retaliation if they attempted a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Under Biden, Russia escalated the conflict to new heights by launching a full-scale invasion that has cost tens of thousands of lives and left all of Ukraine’s major cities in ruins.

Yesterday, Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted that Russia seems to only have an interest in taking aggressive actions on the world stage when a Democratic President is in power.

“I was at the State Department, the President was the Vice President, the last time Russia invaded Ukraine.  This is a pattern of horror, from President Putin and the cronies around him” she said.

Biden’s presidency has weakened the United States both domestically and internationally.  In the wake of Putin’s invasion of Russia, Biden attempted to impose sanctions on Russia to pressure Putin to withdraw from Ukraine.  Countries that the United States has historically maintained close relations with, like Saudi Arabia and India, have refused to comply with US sanctions and made the United States look weaker in the process.

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