Tuesday 1 March 2022

Horowitz: Why is only one state bucking the CDC?

 The last time I checked, there were 28 GOP governors, 23 of whom have Republican legislatures to back them up. Two years into the corruption, lies, and unscientific incompetence of the CDC, how is it that Florida is the only state where the health department is actively bucking the CDC?

Rather than serve as a state conduit for the CDC’s relentless misinformation promoting clot shots, quarantine, and masking, the Florida Department of Health is now a positive force for science and health. Under Dr. Joseph Ladapo, Gov. DeSantis’ newly confirmed surgeon general, the health department is actively issuing guidance encouraging doctors to treat patients early with what they find to work rather than relying on the same voodoo that has failed so many people for two years.

Last Thursday, DeSantis and Ladapo posted a video announcing several new changes to their guidance. The guidance includes the following five changes:

  • Pushing Back Against Corporate Masking for Employees
  • Advising Health Care Practitioners and Facilities to Reevaluate Status Quo Protocols in Favor of Scientifically Based Treatment Options to Benefit Patients
  • Updating Daycare Guidance to Limit Child Isolation to 5 Days
  • Updating the School Rule to Limit Student Isolation to 5 Days
  • Reducing Isolation for Floridians with COVID to 5 Days

Even in other red states where the governors claim to oppose the mandates, the departments of health continue to promote masks, continue to pressure people to get boosters, and continue to support quarantine. DeSantis has already banned school mask mandates, but he noted in several speeches in recent weeks how some big businesses continue to forcibly mask their workers, creating a quasi two-tiered serfdom system. Rather than simply announcing that we no longer “need” masks, DeSantis and Ladapo went after the entire premise of masking. 

“Businesses are advised to no longer require facial coverings for employees, as there is no proven significant clinical benefit for facial coverings among the general population,” states the guidance.

To this day, deep red state departments of health continue to peddle discredited misinformation from the CDC that masks work against this virus. The twitter banner of the Alabama Department of Health still has a goofy mask montage promoting them with more passion than the Biden administration.

How is it that all these GOP governors claim to oppose the Biden administration, yet their own administrations continue to promote lies months after they were discredited? Medical freedom and COVID fascism are the issues of our lifetime, and these governors have ensured that there is not one iota of difference between the parties. Any governor who claims to oppose the CDC and Fauci but has his or her department of health disseminating this dangerous misinformation about efficacy and safety of the jabs or masks is a complete fraud.

Then there is early treatment. We already know that masks do not work and the vaccines waned last year and don’t work at all for Omicron. So, what does work? “If you take a look at Fauci, what he puts out, what he says you can do, he’s been very negative on a lot of treatments that have actually shown positive results,” declared the Flroida governor in the “Buck the CDC” video. “And so what Dr. Ladapo has done is made sure that practitioners understand that they have the flexibility, and they can use their judgment, to use off-label products in order to treat Covid-19.”

To that end, the Florida Department of Health sent out a provider alert to doctors, recommending they “exercise their individual clinical judgment and expertise based on their patients’ needs and preferences.” Why it has taken this long across the board is mind-boggling, but Ladapo did this on his first day after being confirmed to his position. Where are the other governors?

The guidance added this important line in bold type:

“If you are a health care practitioner who is aware of a hospital that is preventing licensed health care providers from using evidence-based care and exercising clinical judgment in treating patients, please report those instances to the Agency for Health Care Administration.”

So rather than putting doctors on notice to lose their licenses for saving lives, this guidance actually encourages doctors to contact the department if hospitals are preventing them from using standard clinical judgement in treating patients.

Too many GOP governors straddle the fence and proclaim their opposition to Fauci’s policies, but then their departments of health continue to put out misinformation while failing to discuss actual early treatment. Even last week, after so much information came out about vaccine injury, the Tennessee Department of Health recommended shots even for children as young as five, despite the lack of efficacy for Omicron.

Georgia is still going strong promoting these dangerous and needless shots on children.

Same game in Wyoming, which looks more like California:

South Dakota is even promoting boosters on children to this very day!

Its red-state neighbor to the north had the nerve to endorse the lie that somehow the shots prevent you from getting COVID and suffering potential heart problems, all the while failing to provide informed consent showing that the shots can also cause heart problems:

Just last Friday, Arizona’s Department of Health encouraged the shots even for people with prior infection and had the nerve to insinuate that it stops the spread!

Oklahoma is still touting boosters too.

Rep. Wendi Stearman (HB 4322) has a bill to prevent the department of health from advertising the shots.

On the same day, they promoted the #MaskUp fairy tale:

On the same day, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare promoted mask-wearing, months after its efficacy has been debunked.

As of a week ago, the Indiana health department was tweeting out messages that could have come straight from Biden and Fauci:

They even have the Spanish version to promote them on 5-year-olds:

There is now a wealth of evidence that everything the CDC has done was counterproductive and that many people need treatment help both for long COVID and for vaccine injury. Hospitals are still mistreating patients, kicking out spouses, and preventing them from giving them safe medications. Yet all these same governors who remain silent in the face of this humanitarian crisis are raucously shouting about Ukraine, and issue in which, as governors, they have zero impact.

With red states like these, who needs blue states?

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