Monday 7 March 2022

Hong Kong Faces Numerous Challenges Surrounding COVID and its Economy


The last few years have been very difficult for Hong Kong.  The riots in 2019 were followed by COVID in 2020 and then the loss of civil liberties as a result.  Now the economy is in danger.

Hong Kong is facing many hurdles.  One individual in Hong Kong shared some of the challenges for the people in this tiny country.

In China, the property crisis worsens as more debt is coming due and new starts for builders are down 47% from last year.  This impacts Hong Kong banks and the economy there as well.

The mood in Hong Kong is bearish with the local markets dropping to lows not seen since 2016.

Hong Kong banks are providing employees bonuses to try to boost morale.

Hong Kong is being destroyed by COVID policies all recommended and enforced by China.  Add to that the property crisis in China and you have a perfect storm. 

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