Friday 18 March 2022

Happy St. Patrick’s Day From Ireland’s FULLY VACCINATED and BOOSTED Prime Minister, Who Just Tested Positive For COVID While On Visit To U.S...Got Test Results While Sitting Maskless Next To Nancy Pelosi


Vaxxed PM Michael Martin Infected with Covid

Despite urging his own citizens to get the booster shot in order to combat COVID-19 surges in Ireland, the Irish PM has himself contracted the disease. The Irish government has claimed under new regulations that Boosted individuals will not need to restrict movements. However, the Taoiseach himself sat maskless and knowingly exposed to COVID next to Speaker Pelosi last night. This exposure does not seem to worry Pelosi, whose spokesperson assures us that she will “test regularly and follow CDC guidelines.”

Martin and Pelosi at the Gala

Perhaps showing some faultiness in the tests, the Taoiseach was tested right before entering the United States and came back negative, however a member of his delegation testing positive triggered another test for Martin which came back positive as well.

Politico Reports: Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin tested positive for Covid on Wednesday night and had to leave the Ireland Funds Gala event, where he was photographed sitting maskless beside Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Few could be seen wearing face masks at Thursday night’s gathering at the National Building Museum, where President Joe Biden delivered remarks onstage for roughly 15 minutes. He left the event after his speech. Pelosi (D-Calif.), who appeared to be having a conversation at the dinner table with Martin, is second in line behind Vice President Kamala Harris in the presidential line of succession.

Martin, much like the Democrats, has waged a crusade against the unvaccinated in Ireland, consistent only in moving goal posts to keep those double–but not triple–vaxxed removed from normal society. This is also just days after Obama, who also pushes booster jabs, tested positive for COVID-19.

A reasonable person would deduce that in both of these cases, either the person pushing for boosters is not getting them–making them a massive hypocrite–or, that the boosters do not work. In either case, if there’s one benefit in this for Martin, it’s that he didn’t have to suffer through breakfast with Kamala Harris.

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