Monday 7 March 2022

‘Greatest Living American President – All You Liberals Out There – Our F***ing Country Is Going to Sh** Right Now” – Colby Covington Gives Shout Out to President Trump Following Big UFC Win (VIDEO)


Colby Covington beat Jorge Masvidal at their UFC 272 grudge match in Las Vegas on Saturday evening in the welterweight title at the T-Mobile Arena in Nevada. Covington won the match in a unanimous decision.

Following his big victory Colby Covington gave a huge shoutout to President Trump: 

Colby Covington: “Mr. 45, President Trump, greatest living American and greatest President in history, man. The things he did for this country. All you liberals out there who say he didn’t, look at inflation. Look at our open borders. Our f*cking country is going to shit right now without him. So, we need him back in 2024. Trump 2024 and you know he’s gonna come back and Make America Great Again.”

Via The Storm has Arrived.

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