Tuesday 8 March 2022

Glenn Beck: Something REALLY doesn't make sense about the west’s response to Russia-Ukraine war

 Something regarding Russia's invasion into Ukraine — and the way the west responded to it — hasn't made sense to Glenn Beck since the chaos all began.

While Russia is increasing its nuclear preparedness and while western oil markets are struggling amid sanctions, the Biden administration closed yet another avenue for oil here in the United States. Western countries have also blocked certain Russian banks from the SWIFT international payments network, but that comes with a potentially devastating catch for the U.S. too.

Glenn has been carefully combing through the details of the struggle between Russia and Ukraine: Which countries have backed Russian President Putin, new ways the world is standing against Russia, and what Ukrainian politicians predict may be coming next. But some of the so-called "facts" just "don't make sense," he observed. For example, why didn’t Putin immediately destroy internet access in Ukraine to confuse both citizens and its military? And why did world leaders wait several days before enacting SWIFT sanctions?

In this clip, Glenn starts to piece the puzzle together: It's the first time the western world has formed such a powerful "coalition" — including multiple public-private partnerships between banks, big corporations, and world governments — in response to foreign disputes. But the way world leaders banded together demonstrates what may be coming for us all: The Great Reset. And now, proponents of the World Economic Forum's masterplan have a crisis on their hands they likely will not let go to waste.

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