Tuesday 1 March 2022

ELECTION FRAUD UPDATE: AZ Senate Study Finds Over 200,000 Ballots With MISMATCHED Signatures Were Counted In 2020 Election

 Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT Ph.D., inventor of email has completed a study of Maricopa County, AZ mail ballots in from the 2020 presidential election.

Dr. Shiva, who was commissioned by the AZ Senate to perform the signature verification pilot study, has revealed a stunning 200,000+ ballots had mismatched signatures, yet according to the results of Dr. Shiva’s study, the votes were counted anyway without being cured (reviewed). The number of ballots with mismatched signatures discovered by Dr. Shiva is more than 8 times the number of ballots with mismatched signatures reported by the county.

Just the News reports – Of the 1,911,918 early voting mail ballots that Maricopa County received and counted in the 2020 presidential election, the county reported that 25,000, or 1.3%, had signature mismatches that required curing, but only 587 (2.3%) of those were confirmed mismatched signatures.


Under Maricopa County election rules, a reviewer first compares a signature on an envelope with the signature on file for the voter, which takes about 4-30 seconds. If the signature does not appear to match, the ballot is cured, which takes three or more minutes and includes attempts to contact the voter to determine whether or not the signature is a match.

In the signature verification study, three expert forensic document examiners and three novices reviewed 499 images of early voting mail ballot envelopes to determine if the signatures on them matched with the signatures on file. All the reviewers agreed that 60 of the 499 envelopes, or 12% were signature mismatches. 

The pilot study extrapolated from the sample that more than 204,430 ballots should have been cured, and 5,277 should have been rejected.

“We want to be humble about this,” Ayyadurai said in a virtual presentation of the study. “While the study is compelling, an expanded study is warranted to confirm the findings of this study.”

Watch Dr. Shiva explain here.

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