Sunday 13 March 2022

Delta Flight Attendant Bullies Young Black Man...Kicks Him Off Flight For Wearing “F**k Joe Biden” Sweatshirt...Threatens To Place Him On “No-fly” List [VIDEO]

 A Delta Airlines flight attendant threatened a young black male wearing a face mask and “F*ck Joe Biden” sweatshirt that he would be kicked off his flight.

After she threatened to have him removed from the flight, the young passenger, John L Brooks, reluctantly agreed to remove his sweatshirt—but that wasn’t enough for the triggered flight attendant, she still kicked him off the flight, but only after she threatened to have him placed on a “no-fly” list.

The flight attendant attempted to humiliate the passenger by making it appear as though he was causing the flight to be delayed. The Delta Airlines bully was relentless in her threats, “I just called Atlanta and speak to proper security, and if you don’t come on the jet bridge and turn that sweatshirt outside and in and out, so that word doesn’t show, I will have to deplane the whole aircraft. I’m sorry, sir, it’s just Delta policy, and you cannot wear it. And they just advised me that you will also be on the no-fly list. So, do you want to come off on the jet bridge and just keep the shirt get everyone else to LA?”

When the young man asked to see Delta’s policy, she told him he could find it online. He offered to pull out his phone and look it up, and the flight attendant told him that it would be “inconvenient” for everyone, and suggested he get off the plane so they could look it up on the computer at the gate.

“No, no, no—you’re making this inconvenient!” the young passenger said, adding, “Cuz the last time I checked, I live in the United States of America with the First Amendment freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion!” Mr. Brooks proceeded to remove his sweatshirt as he warned the flight attendant that he would be taping any future interactions with her. Undeterred, the flight attendant told the Delta passenger, “The pilot doesn’t want you on this flight anymore.” 

In the next portion of the video, the young man is seen standing at the gate outside of his scheduled flight where the ticket agent (or manager?) again, told him that the words on his sweatshirt violated Delta policy and offered to give him a refund for his ticket. The woman at the Delta counter also accused Mr. Brooks of refusing to wear his mask, which is curious because, in the video, the flight attendant makes no mention of the mask until she is kicking him off, at which time he agrees to wear the mask.

Watch the incredible scene unfold here:

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