Saturday 12 March 2022

BREAKING: Four West Point Academy Football Players Overdose On Fentanyl-Laced Cocaine At Airbnb In Ft. Lauderdale, FL...Two Cadets Hospitalized After Giving Them Mouth-to-Mouth


Spring breakers have converged in various hot spots across Florida. Much to the dismay of homeowners with short-term rentals in their neighborhoods, large groups of rowdy, young partiers will move into residential neighborhoods where they party 24/7 in homes rented through Airbnb, Vrbo, and other short-term rental companies.

Last night, police and paramedics were called when six West Point cadets who are also football players required medical attention after overdosing on fentanyl-laced cocaine while staying at an Airbnb property in a Fort Lauderdale, Florida neighborhood.

Homeowners in the neighborhood where the Airbnb is located described seeing the spring breakers being carried out of the rental home crowded with young vacationers.

‘We saw paramedics pulling the kids out of the house, unconscious, just laying them on the grass,’ Dana Fumosa, who lives a few doors down, told NBC6.

Neighbors in Wilton Manors told the Sun-Sentinel that the West Point cadets had been staying at the rental property for several days and that on Wednesday night, police were called for an unspecified reason.

The short-term-rental home where the overdoses occurred.

Two local residents said they have repeatedly complained to the managers of the vacation property about excessive noise and rowdy parties. 

Short-term rentals have turned quiet residential neighborhoods into nightmares for homeowners who are forced to contend with the clerkless hotels that are frequently used for week-long bachelor/bachelorette parties and young adults looking for unsupervised vacations. While many states and communities are working to ban short-term rentals, Michigan State lawmakers, led by Republicans in the House, recently passed House Bill 4722 that would strip MI residents of the ability to regulate or ban short-term rentals (commercial properties) from their neighborhoods and communities. If the MI Senate approves the legislation, Michigan will become a free-for-all state for owners of these commercial properties, many of whom live miles away or even out of state, leaving the responsibility of policing wild parties at their investment properties to the neighbors.

Daily Mail reports – Two of the cadets had not ingested the drugs but were overcome by the effects of fentanyl when they attempted to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on their sickened friends, Orlando Sun-Sentinel first reported on Friday.

News helicopter video shows paramedics converging in the front yard of a short-term vacation rental home on NW 29th Court in Wilton Manors, where multiple people were found in cardiac arrest at 5 pm. reached to the US Army Academy at West Point and was told by a representative that the college was ‘aware’ of the incident in Florida involving its students.

Fort Lauderdale Fire Department Battalion Chief Steve Gollan told Local10 that two of the people who overdosed were sickened because they tried to perform CPR on the initial four overdose victims. He said the opioid-overdose-reversing drug naloxone, sold under the brand name Narcan, was administered to revive the victims.

Four of the patients were taken to Broward Health Medical Center, and the remaining two were transported to Holy Cross Hospital.

By Friday, one of the patients had been released from the hospital, two remained in critical condition after being intubated, and three were in stable condition.

‘These are healthy young adults, college students in the prime of their life,’ Gollan said. ‘Getting this drug into their system, it’s unknown what the recovery will be on the critical individual.’

Meanwhile, Florida and Fort Lauderdale are bracing for ‘triple’ the amount of visitors compared to last year as tens of thousands of students prepare to celebrate the first Spring Break in the US free of COVID rules.

Inhabitants of popular vacation spots, including Cancun, Miami, Pensacola, Fort Lauderdale, and South Padre Island, have to deal with observing never-ending crowds of college students having a good time, often blasting loud music and drinking alcohol from the first week of March until April.

Shocking stories of short-term rentals gone wild are unfortunately becoming all too common.

In Phoenix, Arizona, a party at a short-term rental led to a shooting. Houses near the short-term-rental were riddled with bullets. Four bullet holes were found surrounding a bedroom window next door where small children were sleeping.


Here is another story of a party home in Las Vegas, NV that’s an LLC owned by a man in Memphis, TN:

Pray for these cadets.

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