Sunday 6 March 2022

Actors Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher pledge $3 million in donations to aid Ukraine

 Ukrainian-born actress Mila Kunis and her husband, Ashton Kutcher, have pledged to donate up to $3 million to aid Ukrainian citizens fleeing from their war-torn country as Russia continues its deadly invasion.

What are the details?

In a Thursday video shared to his Twitter account, Kutcher and Kunis said that they were "proud" of Kunis's heritage and intended to provide aid for Ukrainian refugees.

“I was born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine in 1983. I came to America in 1991," Kunis explained. "I have always considered myself American, a proud American, I love everything that this country has done for myself and my family. But today, I have never been more proud to be a Ukrainian."

Kutcher added, “And I’ve never been more proud to be married to a Ukrainian."

“The events that have unfolded in Ukraine are devastating. There is no place in this world for this kind of unjust attack on humanity,” Kunis continued, and vowed to match up to $3 million in donations for refugee relief via GoFundMe.

Fox News reported that the funds will be distributed to necessary causes through and, which have been assisting needy and fleeing Ukrainians.

“While we witness the bravery of the people of the country that she was born in we’re also witness to the needs of those who have chosen safety," Kutcher explained. "We’re raising funds to support a relief effort that will have immediate impact and supply much needed refugee and humanitarian aid in the area. The principal challenge right now is logistics. We need to get housing, and we need to get supplies and resources into the area."

Kunis added, "The people of Ukraine are strong and brave but being strong and brave doesn’t mean you’re not worthy of support. We need to support the people of Ukraine. Please help us."

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