Friday 25 February 2022

Whitlock: Phil Mickelson’s Saudi golf gambit exposes the depth of American elitist betrayal and greed

 Phil Mickelson is an American sellout, no different from LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick, and the other multimillionaire celebrities chasing billionaire status by any means necessary.

Mickelson would likely never take a knee during the playing of the national anthem. He’s unlikely to utter the name George Floyd with religious reverence. He’s probably not a member of the Resistance.

But make no mistake, the golf legend is a sellout, cut from the same global citizen cloth as any other woke elite. Greed and the pursuit of power motivate America’s elite. Mickelson is greedy and power-hungry. An exaggerated feeling of victimization justifies his betrayal.

According to Mickelson, the PGA Tour has financially exploited and bullied him and its other players. And maybe it has. I don’t know. But the solution isn’t to climb in bed with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, launch a rival league, and attempt to destroy the tour and the platform that put Mickelson in position to earn $200 to $300 million. 

That’s what Mickelson has done. A little more than a week ago, longtime golf writer Alan Shipnuck exposed the depth of Mickelson’s betrayal when he posted a story detailing Mickelson’s involvement in the upstart Saudi Golf League.

“They’re (Saudis) scary motherf—--s to get involved with,” Mickelson told Shipnuck. “We know they killed (Washington Post reporter) Jamal Khashoggi and have a horrible record on human rights. They execute people over there for being gay. Knowing all of this, why would I even consider it? Because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reshape how the PGA Tour operates.”

Does that sound familiar? It’s the same mindset America’s social justice warriors use to overlook their alliance with China and the Chinese Communist Party. LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick have no problem overlooking China’s human rights abuses and racism while railing against the United States of America.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get richer and reshape America into a nation that favors communist-leaning elites.

“(The PGA Tour) has been able to get by with manipulative, coercive, strong-arm tactics because we, the players, had no recourse,” Mickelson told Shipnuck.

“Unless you have leverage, (the PGA Tour) won’t do what’s right. And the Saudi money has finally given us that leverage. I’m not sure I even want the SGL to succeed, but just the idea of it is allowing us to get things done with the PGA Tour.”

This is a money-grab. Shipnuck insinuates that Mickelson has lost millions of dollars gambling. He had to sell his private jet in 2019. The Saudis are paying 66-year-old Greg Norman untold millions to front the league. How big a check would the Saudis cut to have 51-year-old Mickelson play on the tour?

We may never know that number. On Tuesday, after finally feeling the full weight of the blowback of his PGA Tour peers, Mickelson backtracked, apologizing and announcing he would take time away from golf.

“It was reckless, I offended people, and I am deeply sorry for my choice of words,” Mickelson said in a statement that also claimed his comments to Shipnuck were intended to be off the record. “I’m beyond disappointed and will make every effort to self-reflect and learn from this.”

I’m not going to offer a full-throated defense of the PGA Tour. I’m sure the league does bully its players. I’m equally sure many of the players feel entitled and are greedy. They’ve been eating at the Tiger Woods buffet for so long that they no longer appreciate the Tour.

What upsets me is the lack of loyalty to their home country and our institutions.

Mickelson, LeBron, Kaepernick, your favorite movie star and politician are all global citizens. You’re not. Maybe your level of idolatry has reached the point that you’re satisfied living vicariously through your favorite celebrity. Hearing about and looking at their embarrassment of riches over Instagram might make you happy.

It shouldn’t. Especially if you understood the role they play in selling you out to foreign interests so they can live more and more lavish lifestyles.

Phil Mickelson is a symptom of what’s wrong with America and our elites.

The very people who have benefitted the most from the Land of Opportunity are the very people with the least amount of gratitude for their American birthright and citizenship. They’re global citizens. You’re American citizens.

You’ve been sold out by men, corporations, and politicians who think and act like Phil Mickelson. They exaggerate their grievances and victimization and use that alleged oppression to cut lucrative business deals with foreign countries allergic to American freedom.

Mickelson hasn’t made enough money. The PGA Tour is run like a slave plantation. Let’s start a rival league that benefits Saudi Arabia, undermines the PGA Tour, and exports jobs to other countries.

It’s what Nike did and does. It’s what a lot of our corporations do. They’ll do anything to avoid paying unionized American workers. American freedom allows these corporations to take flight. And then – in order to satisfy Jeff Bezos, Phil Knight, and shareholders – the corporations prioritize global domination over the needs of American citizens.

We foolishly think that because LeBron James spent his childhood years in the black ghetto that he’s immune to selling out working-class and poor black people. We foolishly think that because Phil Mickelson is white, male, and seemingly happy-go-lucky that he’s immune to selling out the good ol’ USA.

Wealth, fame, greed, and distance from God impact us all the same. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white. In terms of mindset, agenda, and actions, James and Mickelson have far more in common with Jeff Bezos than Jamil in Chicago or David in Nashville.

Elites have no gratitude. They’re their own gods. They’re not thankful they were born in the freest country on the planet. They’re not thankful that their homeland has founding documents loaded with Christian principles.

They narcissistically believe the key to improving the world is increasing their power and wealth. Protecting the sovereignty and the unique construct of this great nation stands in the way of their global aspirations.

They’re sellouts.

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