Wednesday 2 February 2022

While GOP States Like Missouri and Florida Propose Gifting Dems with Congressional Seats in Redistricting, Dem States Destroy GOP Seats


This past week we shared how the GOP in Missouri was giving seats to Democrats in a state that President Trump won by nearly 20%.  Democrats don’t play this game.  In Dem states, GOP Congressional states are being eliminated. 

We’ve written how the Missouri legislature drew out a map that gave Democrats two and possibly three seats in Congress where others have a proposal to change the map to only one Dem seat in the state.

In Florida, there is a similar argument as in Missouri.  Where in Missouri, a group of conservative politicians wishes to make changes to the current proposal and make it more advantageous for the GOP, in Florida, the governor’s plan looks better for the GOP than the current proposal.

In Illinois, Democrats are making a plan with crazy districts allowing the Dems to have more seats.

Maryland and New Jersey are doing the same as Illinois.

The Tennessee GOP is eliminating a Dem seat where New York Dems are trying to eliminate all but three GOP districts in the state.

This is serious business and there is no reason why GOP-led states shouldn’t be proposing maps that help the GOP in their states.

American conservatives can call their legislatures and governors to urge them to only sign off on redistricting maps that are most advantageous to the party. 

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