Wednesday 16 February 2022

WATCH: My Pillow Truck Attempts To Cross Border Into Canada To Deliver 10K Pillows To Truckers and Their Kids One Day After Trudeau’s Threats Against Helping Them

An unvaccinated truck driver who works for My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell has driven from Minnesota to Port Huron, MI where it will attempt to cross the border into Windsor, Ontario, and then make its way to the nation’s capital in Ottawa, where the Truckers For Freedom Convoy has been stationed for two weeks.

This weekend Mike told 100 Percent Fed Up that he would be delivering over 10,000 of his signature My Pillows to the truckers. When Mike heard there were threats that the trucker’s kids may be taken away from them by Canadian social services, he made a last-minute addition of his special Roll n’ Go Bible pillows for kids to the shipment.

RSBN is LIVE at the Port Huron, MI border and if they’re allowed to cross, they will travel with the trucker across the border and into Ottawa.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Trudeau who’s ruled over Canadian citizens with iron-fisted mandates since the beginning of the Chinese virus pandemic, issued an Emergency Act that gives Canadian authorities the ability to lock the bank accounts of citizens and businesses who attempt to feed or fund the Truckers for Freedom Convoy.

I spoke with Mike Lindell last night and asked him what he will do if Canadian officials freeze his bank accounts for delivering the pillows to the truckers? Mike, who is truly one of the most amazing patriots alive, told us “I don’t care if they freeze my account, I care about freedom.” The My Pillow CEO is committed to freedom, not just in America but in Canada as well.  

Mike explained, “four years ago, me and Trudeau got into it” over President Trump’s tariffs on products coming from Mexico and Canada. The My Pillow CEO received a letter from the Canadian government saying that if he made his products in Canada, they would stop placing strict tariffs on shipments made from the US to his distribution center near Montreal in Quebec, Canada. “It was like blackmail,” Mike said, “If you manufacture them up here, all the raw materials you send up here, we won’t put a tariff on them.”

Two weeks before we were doing a special on the Canadian Shopping Channel, for a couple of million dollars,” Mike had to rush people into Canada from the US to train workers to a newly created factory in Quebec. “The Canadian Shopping Channel were the first ones to cancel My Pillow,” Mike said. “The lousy, lousy shopping channel canceled me,” Mike explained over his vocal opposition to election fraud in the United States. “We lost all of our box stores in Canada, too, Costco being the worst.”

Here’s Mike explaining his plan to deliver thousands of pillows to the Truckers For Freedom to RSBN:

Pray for Mike Lindell, a true American hero! The best way to support Mike is by purchasing products from his My Pillow and My Store. He is currently having one of his best sales ever on his incredible Giza Dream Sheets that are now 60% off! 

We all know Mike Lindell has been working tirelessly to expose the fraud of the 2020 election.

You’ve heard about Mike’s famous pillows – now is your chance to get a set of his wonderful and luxurious bed sheets, too.  


Mike Lindell needs OUR SUPPORT more than ever!

On Friday, MN Bank & Trust followed through with their threat, but it’s how they did it that has Mike Lindell calling them “cowards!”

On Friday, at the end of the business day, Mike Lindell received an unsigned FedEx letter from the Heartland Financial MN Bank & Trust informing him that he has 7 days to remove the funds from the following accounts: Frank Speech, (a platform for made-in-the-USA entrepreneurs and/or products who don’t want to sell their products on Amazon), Lindell TV, Lindell Management which includes a lot of funds for his charitable work, and Lindell Publishing. Mike clarified that all profits from the sales of his book that tells his true life story, “What Are The Odds—From Crack Addict to CEO,” go directly into his Lindell Recovery Center, a non-profit, Christian0-based charity for addicts.

Mike Lindell contacted me to share the letter and express his disgust over the “cowardly” actions of the individual who would send an unsigned letter at the end of the business day, preventing him from responding.

Fortunately, Mike has a backup plan in place and will move his funds from the canceled accounts to one of two banks that will gladly take his money. Mike told me that “a lot of great banks reached out to him” and offered to take his business when they heard about the threats by MN Bank & Trust to shut down his accounts. “They are smaller banks, not the big ones, but there are still a lot of good people out there,” he said.

Here is the copy of the unsigned letter Mike just sent to us:

Here are the contact names and numbers of top executives at Heartland Financial Minnesota Bank & Trust. Below the names of the banking executives is a list of the accounts they are asking Mike to close, or they will be shut down.

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