Sunday 13 February 2022

TYRANNY: Police Throw Tear Gas Inside Cafe’s And Chase Peaceful Demonstrators Down The Street With Batons At Paris Freedom Protest [VIDEO]

 Today, police appear ready to arrest Freedom Convoy protesters who are demonstrating at the Ambassador Bridge in Canada.  Canada appears to be taking after France, where police used tear gas and brute force to break up peaceful anti mandate protests in Paris.  Hundreds of demonstrators, mimicking Canada’s successful “Freedom Convoy” protests, were traveling to Paris to stage a demonstration when police began terrorizing French citizens by shooting tear gas inside cafe’s and chasing protesters down with batons and riot shields.  The Gateway Pundit Reports-

“Freedom protesters were expected to converge on Paris on Saturday to protest against the Macron government’s tyrannical vaccine mandates in the country.

Thousands of truckers and tractors were expected to arrive in Paris this weekend from several cities across France.

But Macron had other plans.
The French president cracked down on the protests — beat protesters, fired tear gas inside of restaurants and chased demonstrators down the street.

Police today hurled tear gas inside a Paris cafe filling the establishment in smoke.”

Protesters who were interviewed explained why they were inspired to come out to the demonstration, discussing how the vaccine mandates have negatively affected them and stripped them of their freedoms.

“People need to see us, and to listen to the people who just want to live a normal and free life,” said Lisa, a 62-year-old retired health worker travelling in the Chateaubourg convoy, who did not want to give her surname.

Phil, a 58-year-old on his way by truck from Brittany, said his refusal to get vaccinated had created “upheaval” in his family and work relations.

Videos posted to Twitter show police hundreds of police chasing protesters down the street with batons and shooting tear gas in to cafe’s, forcing innocent people to evacuate.

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