Wednesday 16 February 2022

'THIEF': Biden accused of stealing aid from Afghans

 Citizens of Afghanistan are accusing U.S. President Joe Biden of stealing funds from the Afghan people.

Friday, Biden signed an executive order reallocating funds that the people of Afghanistan say belong to Afghans, not the Taliban. The move comes six months after the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan.

According to reports, financial adviser Torek Farhadi explained, "These reserves belong to the people of Afghanistan, not the Taliban. Biden's decision is one-sided and does not match with international law. No other country on Earth makes such confiscation decisions about another country's reserves."

Biden's order is reported to divide $7 billion equally between the people of Afghanistan and American victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Many are calling Biden a thief because of his executive order. Read the full story here.

The White House made a statement on Tuesday addressing the matter.

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