Monday 21 February 2022

RINO Rep. Nancy Mace Says She is Going to Win Without Trump’s Endorsement


RINO Rep. Nancy Mace claims that she will win her election without the endorsement of Donald Trump.

Former President Trump has endorsed Katie Arrington, who is primarying Mace.

“Katie Arrington is running against an absolutely terrible candidate,” Trump said, adding that Mace’s “remarks and attitude…devastating for her community, and not at all representative of the Republican Party to which she has been very disloyal.”

On Tuesday, Mace told The State “I’m gonna win without him.”

In a desperate attempt to regain favor with Trump supporters, Mace created a desperate and bizarre video in front of Trump Tower earlier this month.

When asked by The State if she was groveling in her video, Mace said “If you call it groveling, I would say you didn’t watch the video.”

“I think it’s important to know what I said, but also what I didn’t say — present tense versus past tense,” she added.

Mace has voted to keep Liz Cheney in her position in the Republican Party and was one of nine Republicans to hold Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress.

She also condemned Trump following the protest on January 6.

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