Tuesday 1 February 2022

Jordan: ‘Scary Stuff’ What the Biden Administration Has Done with First Amendment Rights, Second Amendment Liberties


Monday on FNC’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) condemned the Biden administration’s use of government power to infringe on the exercise of First and Second Amendment rights.

Jordan and his colleagues penned a letter to White House officials expressing their concern, noting much of the policy had been implemented in just one year of the Biden presidency.

“This is frightening,” he said. “You got the FBI going after parents. You got the DOJ setting up a domestic terrorism unit. Now we find out the ATF is going after law-abiding gun owners. I mean, I – think about this, Hillary Clinton destroyed 30,000 emails while she was under investigation, and now every single gun purchase by a law-abiding American is being preserved. So what? So that the federal government can set up a national database?”

“This is scary stuff, what they’ve done to our First Amendment rights, and now what they’re doing to our Second Amendment liberties,” Jordan added. “All from one administration, all in a single year. So yes, there’s a number of us who are very concerned about this. And this is why we wrote the letter. And frankly, we didn’t realize it was quite this number of purchases over the last 20-some years that the federal government is now compiling.”

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