Thursday 10 February 2022

Incredible Videos Show Truckers In MI Backed Up For 10+ Miles For Blue Water Bridge To Canada After Truckers and Farmers Shut Down Ambassador Bridge

 For the third day, the Ambassador Bridge continues to be barricaded by Canadian truckers, blocking off traffic from Detroit into Windsor, Ontario.

One of the busiest international borders, carrying approximately $3.2 million in trade per day, is still partially shut down by the Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy as the brave truckers fight for their freedom.

Photo via Detroit Free Press



Now, the Blue Water Bridge, a twin-span border crossing, is backing up for miles as all traffic into Canada is redirected there. Earlier today, the backups were reported to be more than 10 miles long.

Watch the videos showing the major Bue Water Bridge backup.

Farmers in Sarnia are also barricading the Canadian side of the Blue Water Bridge with their tractors in support of the truckers’ protest.

On the Sarnia, Canada side of the bridge, traffic is backed up for miles, as truckers and vehicles attempt to get to the US from Canada.

While the pressure on Canada is growing, Premiers across Canada are beginning to give in to the truckers’ demands. Alberta and Saskatchewan have eliminated COVID vaccine passports and will be removing mask mandates at the end of the month. Ottawa, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island will be rolling back their COVID restrictions, including limits on private gatherings.

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