Thursday 10 February 2022

HUGE: Rapper Bryson Gray’s ‘Lets Go Brandon’ Tops Billboard Charts With New Album Release

 Liberals have gone through great lengths to censor and marginalize the few black conservative voices in media and music, but that hasn’t deterred one black conservative rap artist from making viral hits that continue to top billboard charts.  Gray has had his music removed from YouTube in the past because it violates their covid ‘misinformation’ policies.  Despite this, the rapper’s single ‘Lets Go Brandon’ which was censored on YouTube reached #1 on both iTunes and Amazon music.  Gray explained why he was influenced to make conservative rap music in an interview about his most recent album “Us Versus the Industry” which was released in early February.

“I made the album because people listening to rap are only getting ideas from one side, which means they’re being influenced to go in one direction. It’s meant to be that way. It’s planned. I’m attacking the narrative. I’m providing an alternative to the disgusting music that’s being offered today,” explained Gray.

Gray, who has been a frequent critic of the Biden regime and the liberal media, explained that he is heavily influenced by religion and by the cause of liberty.

“This album could not have happened without the powerful influence of Jesus Christ. Period. Full stop. I’m trying to bring thought provoking songs into the rap and hip-hop genre that truly advance the cause of liberty.” 

Gray’s album was just released last week but yet again topped charts with his single ‘Controlled’ which was pre-released hitting the #1 spot on Amazon Music and the #2 spot on iTunes hip hop charts.

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