Tuesday 8 February 2022

HUGE: Activist Exposes Racist Far Left Organization Behind Attempted Joe Rogan Takedown

 Over the course of the last week, a massive coordinated campaign to get Joe Rogan removed from Spotify began as a result of him hosting vaccine skeptical experts such as Dr. Robert Malone.  The campaign, which was supported by politicians as well as many prominent artists such as Neil Young, who removed his music from Spotify in a failed attempt to pressure them in to removing Rogan, took off on social media extremely quickly.  After their attempts to get Rogan removed for ‘misinformation’ failed, left wing activists moved to accusing Rogan of racism for using the N word on his podcasts.  The shift originated from a now viral video on Twitter that is selectively edited.  Now, one Twitter user and activist exposed the group behind the attempted takedown.


The group behind the takedown was revealed to be “Patriot Takes”, an organization partnered with far left anti-Trump group Meidas Touch.  Meidas Touch is a Super PAC that has received millions of dollars in funding to create anti-Trump videos.

The Twitter user looked at a statement posted by Patriot Takes/Meidas Touch where they give themselves credit for the video and are clearly attempting to fundraise off of it to bankroll their operations in the future.

The group has been accused of lying to its donors in the past in its fundraising efforts.  The three brothers behind the group claimed in one fundraiser that they were raising money for Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential campaign, when in reality they took $30,000 of the money raised for themselves.  Their television ad buys have also been called ineffective by experienced political consultants.  One claimed that their ad buys were ‘pissing in the wind’ due to the extremely low viewership they received.

Not only do the brothers lie to their donors to continue to rake in millions of dollars for their own personal benefit, they also have been accused of using the same racist language that they are attempting to ‘cancel’ Joe Rogan for.

Yesterday, conservative sports podcaster Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports claimed to have a text message of one of the brothers using the n-word after they all claimed that they would never use the word under any circumstance.

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