Thursday 10 February 2022

HATE HOAX: Black Student Charged With Filing False Police Report For Hate Crime [VIDEO]

 In our current society, the most valuable currency is victimhood.  Since the election of President Trump, many people have tried to cash in on this currency by fabricating hate crimes.  Most notable was Hollywood star Jussie Smollett, who was  found guilty in December of 5 out of 6 charges of disorderly conduct.  Smollett garnered national media attention and sympathy after he claimed that he was assailed by Trump supporters in Chicago and beaten.  Now, a college student at Southern Illinois University has been charged with filing a false police report after she claimed that someone posted hateful notes on her dormity room door.  The Citizen Free Press Reports

“EDWARDSVILLE — A student at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville has been criminally charged and accused of faking a racist incident last month. Kaliyeha Clark-Mabins, 19, was charged  with three counts of disorderly conduct for telling SIUE police that two notes were posted by someone else on her dormitory room door on Jan. 23 saying, “BLACK PEOPLE DON’T BELONG” and “DIE BITCH,” charging documents say.

No lawyer is listed for Clark-Mabins, who could not be immediately reached for comment.

University officials notified the campus community of the charges Friday, saying two other white students who had originally been “named as suspects… have been fully cleared of any involvement. We are saddened by the harm that these students endured because of false accusations.” 

An expert on hate crimes at Kentucky State University compiled a database on 346 allegations and found less than a third of them were genuine.  “In the mainstream media we hear almost constant talk about scary new forms of racism: ‘white privilege,’ ‘cultural appropriation,’ and ‘subtle bigotry,’ ” Mr. Reilly writes, yet “a huge percentage of the horrific hate crimes cited as evidence of contemporary bigotry are fakes.”

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