Tuesday 15 February 2022

Former FBI Official Warns: A Lot Of Potential Charges Are Coming In Bombshell Trump Spying Case

 This week, a shocking story broke that a law firm hired by the Clinton campaign used sensitive government data to spy on President Trump.. while he was in office.  The story is a new development in the Durham probe that sheds light in to just how deep the corruption in the Clinton campaign and the bogus FBI investigation in to President Trump’s Russia ties went.

The story comes just weeks after Michael Sussman, who was representing the Clinton campaign at the time of the 2016 Presidential election, was indicted for presenting doctored intelligence to the FBI attempting to tie President Trump to the Russian Alfa bank and claimed he was not representing any clients.

Today, FOX News released an interview with former FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker, who analogized the findings of the Durham probe to Watergate and said there would likely be a lot more criminal charges coming.  WATCH:


“I liken it (the Durham probe) to Watergate in that Sussman got his hands on information he wasn’t entitled to, but rather than burglarize the information or break in to get the information, the night watchmen let him in.” Swecker said.

He also questioned why the FBI and CIA were so quick to ‘gobble up’ the bogus intelligence presented to them without properly sourcing the information, saying that it may have been due to ‘ideologues’ in top posts at the agencies.

He ended the interview by saying that he sees a ‘lot of potential charges’ from mail fraud to wire fraud

Yesterday, it was revealed that Liz Cheney’s husband may be implicated in the Durham probe as well.  Her husband is a partner at Lathan & Watkins LLP, the law firm that Sussman retained to defend him after his indictment.  Durham claimed there is a conflict of interest with Sussman retaining Lathan & Watkins since they also represented the Clinton campaign during the Special Counsel investigation.  Liz Cheney has been Trump’s top critic from within the Republican party and is a member of the fraudulent January 6th Committee,

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