Friday 18 February 2022

Former Canadian Police and Veterans Hold Powerful Press Conference…Warn About Being Set Up By Media and Canadian Government To Look Like Terrorists [VIDEO]

 Today, three Canadians – two former police officers and one veteran – held a live press conference to address Trudeau’s invoking of the Emergencies Act for the first time in Canadian history. They called on Canadians to join the Freedom Convoy’s movement and condemned the mainstream media for spreading falsehoods about the protestors, making them seem violent and dangerous to the uninformed public.

Edward Cornell (left), Vincent Gircys (middle), and Daniel Bulford (right)

Daniel Bulford, Vincent Gircys, and Edward (Eddie) Cornell all publicly voiced their disappointment with the media’s false reporting on the protests, and expressed their fear that the Canadian government is trending towards tyranny.

Daniel Bulford is a former member of the Royal Canadian Mountain Police (RCMP). While part of the RCMP, he was on the Emergency Response Team in Ottawa where he worked to protect the Prime Minister and “other VIPS”.

Former RCMP member, Daniel Bulford

Bulford spoke first at the conference, debunking false reports of violence at the anti-mandate protests, despite what Trudeau is telling the country

“The Freedom Convoy and our supporters have always denounced violence,” said Bulford. “We only support peaceful protest. We are here in peaceful, lawful protest, seeking the restoration of our fundamental rights and freedoms.” 

Bulford also called for more Canadians to come to Ottawa to “exercise their legal right of assembly to protest”, so it will be more difficult for the police force to carry out their illegal orders.

Vincent Gircys, a retired Senior Constable of the Ontario Provincial Police, spoke next, emphasizing the importance for all of Canada to come together and defend their right to peaceful protest:

“I have always been, and continue to be, loyal to the citizens of Canada. The right to peaceful protest is sacramental to our nation. If that principle is abandoned, and it looks like the government is heading in that direction, the government will reveal itself as a true tyranny, and it will lose all of the fraction of remaining credibility it has left.”

Gircys also expressed concern that the Canadian police will, under the order of the government, start using violence to break up the peaceful protests. He implored more Canadians to join the movement in Ottawa so the police have a more difficult time ending the movement.

Retired Senior Constable of the Ontario Provincial Police, Vincent Gircys

“We are concerned that the government will order the police to use violence against the peaceful protestors,” he said. “The greater number of Canadians – having more Canadians here – defending the charter will prevent the police from carrying out the government orders.”

Gircys makes it clear that these protesters know that a change like the one they’re asking for will take time to occur. They are not gathering with the intention of threatening anyone nor are they under the illusion that they will change the government’s mind overnight. All they desire is to maintain their freedoms.

“We recognize there is a democratic process under which change occurs, and we have no intention of acting outside the realm of this democratic process,” said Gircys. “We continue to ask for nothing more than the restoration of our rights and freedoms with respect to mandate and vaccine task forces.”

He then goes on to admonish the media for their false reporting on the protests, making those involved seem violent and dangerous, when in fact they are peacefully standing up for their rights as free citizens.

“The state-sponsored media reporting seems to be an inversion of reality. We, the police [and] military veterans, stand for freedoms and democracy, not for the agenda of the World Economic Forum.”

Gircys also expressed appreciation for the police officers on the ground with them and asked them to continue to work with the protestors as they continue to express themselves peacefully and lawfully.

Finally, Eddie Cornell, a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces and former member of the Ontario Provincial Police, spoke on behalf of the Canadian veterans that have “expressed grave concern for the direction our country seems to be going in.”

Veteran and former member of the Ontario Provincial Police, Edward Cornell

Cornell, like the other two men, expressed his disgust with the media’s abhorrent reporting on the protests. He primarily condemned the media for turning the veterans’ defense of their war memorial into a fictional version, saying they “vandalized” it and “desecrated” it.

Cornell then explained what really took place at the memorial:

“The veterans also took down the gates at the monument which was something that was very offensive to veterans across the nation… So the veterans took it upon themselves to remove those barriers and protect that monument for a 24-hour period each and every day. What I saw in the media once that story was put out was that they “tore down” the gates and “desecrated” the monument. That is totally not true.

“I request that all of you please tell the truth… don’t shape a narrative.”

Cornell concludes with a call for all veterans – and fellow Canadians – to lend their voices to this movement. “Anyone that can get here… please come. Your country needs you, and we need your support.”

Watch the full conference below:

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