Tuesday 8 February 2022

FBI Clowns Release Mueller Documents with Hillary’s Name Redacted – Forget Prior Document Dump Exposes Her Name


The FBI released a document dump of Mueller investigation reports that provide almost no significant or relevant information.  But one thing they did do is redact Hillary Clinton’s name in a document forgetting that in a prior data dump her name was provided. 

The FBI released another data dump from the Mueller gang per a FOIA request over the weekend.  This release included fired former FBI Director James Comey’s notes regarding his conversation with President Trump on January 6, 2017, one day after meeting Obama, Biden and others in the White House.  These notes have been shared before but they are on page 34.

But another document provided shows either incompetence or another FBI coverup or both.  On page 17 of the document dump, the FBI releases a document dated in 2001 related to a dinner meeting with Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and others.  The FBI was supposedly looking into whether Clinton’s pardons of individuals like Marc Rich, were on the up and up.

On page 17 the document shows that a name under Bill Clinton’s is redacted:

But we found a similar document dated a couple of days before the above document from a prior document release  [p. 138] from the FBI where Hillary Clinton’s name was unredacted.

If you look at page 138 of the Clinton Foundation drop #3 on the vault you can see her name where they forgot to redact it.  While this page that shows her name unredacted is different from the page (#125 of Vault #1) in the file that is also in the Mueller file, it is the same file, same investigation, and same order of unsubs – they just forgot to redact HRC in the recent release.

Why would they redact Hillary’s name in the first place?  Was Hillary at a meeting with Bill and Marc Rich?  Did the Clintons make money by giving Rich a pardon?  What really is going on here?

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