Monday 7 February 2022

“False Political Attack” – Stacey Abrams Lashes Out at Republicans Who Blasted Her For Maskless Photo Surrounded by Masked Children


Stacey Abrams gave a long-winded response to critics who attacked her for taking a maskless photo surrounded by masked children.

Abrams should have kept it short and used the Bill Clinton-Mayor Garcetti “I didn’t inhale” defense.

But here we are.

A maskless Stacey Abrams was photographed with masked children during her visit to Glennwood Elementary School in Georgia last week.

Abrams, a morbidly obese 48-year-old, is at a much higher risk of dying from Covid than children, but she’s the only one not wearing a mask.

Conservatives blasted Abrams for her hypocrisy and child abuse.

Abrams responded to critics’ “false political attack” with a word salad.

There was no admission of wrongdoing and no apology.

The best part about Stacey Abrams’ response was admitting children can’t hear through a mask.

“She wore a mask to the event, and removed it at the podium so she could be heard by students watching remotely and for photos, but only with folks who were masked,” Abrams’ campaign manager said.

So Covid stops spreading when a person poses for a photo?

“But only with folks who were masked” – so one person’s mask is enough?

If Abrams did nothing wrong then why did she delete the photos from her Twitter account?

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