Saturday 12 February 2022

BREAKING: GiveSendGo Rejects Ontario Order, Says They Will Pay Truckers Directly

 Last week, online fundraising giant GoFundMe attempted to steal $9 Million worth of donations from supporters of the Freedom Convoy protest after allegedly being pressured by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  The company announced that instead of refunding the money sent to them by supporters, they would donate it to charities of their choosing.  GiveSendGo, a Christian fundraising website that is known to be more pro free speech than GoFundMe, was used to raise $9 Million for Freedom Convoy protesters.  After they refused to buckle to government pressure, they were taken to court where a judge ordered the funds to be frozen.  GiveSendGo made a shocking and brave decision, rather than backing down in the face of government tyranny, they gave a defiant response:


Shortly after their social media statement, they announced that they would be disbursing the funds to protesters and ignoring the Canadian government’s order.

Despite the government’s best efforts, the Freedom Convoy has already won significant victories in Canada.  This week, Saskatchewan and Alberta announced that they would drop their vaccine passports.  Ottawa announced that they would drop their restrictions on private gatherings starting next month.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has remained defiant and refused to consider the truckers demands.

The Canadian government and corporations have coordinated to shut the peaceful and lawful protests across the country that oppose vaccine mandates and covid restrictions.  This week, police in Ottawa made it illegal for people to offer material support to protests such as gas for demonstrators trucks.  They began arresting supporters and confiscating their gas cans hours after the announcement was released.


At this time, the Freedom Convoy 2022 page as well as the Adopt A Trucker page are still active and have not hit their fundraising goals

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