Tuesday 8 February 2022

BREAKING: Anti-Censorship Rumble Makes Joe Rogan A STUNNING Offer

 Over the course of the last week, a massive coordinated campaign to get Joe Rogan removed from Spotify began as a result of him hosting vaccine skeptical experts such as Dr. Robert Malone.  The campaign, which was supported by politicians as well as many prominent artists such as Neil Young, who removed his music from Spotify in a failed attempt to pressure them in to removing Rogan, took off on social media extremely quickly.  Yesterday, Spotify buckled to pressure from the activists and took 113 episodes of his podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, off of their platform.  Reports claim that Rogan was pressured to remove the episodes after a viral video surfaced of him saying the N word on the podcast.  The highly edited video was created by a far left Super PAC.

Today, anti-censorship video platform Rumble made Joe Rogan an offer to exclusively host his content.  The platform offered him $100 Million, the same amount that Spotify offered Rogan to host his podcast.  They also promised to host his content free of censorship.


Rumble’s viewership over the last year has exploded as people seek a pro free speech alternative to YouTube and Spotify, who continue to impose harsher censorship measures in response to pressure from left wing activists, the media and politicians.  The platform claims that its active monthly users multiplied by 30 over the last year, from 1.6 million monthly active users in 2020 to 36 million in 2021.  Rumble is currently valued at roughly $2.1 Billion.

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