Tuesday 15 February 2022

Biden Gang Reportedly Working on Billion Dollar Deal in Ukraine – Eerily Reminiscent of Last Biden Billion Dollar Deal in Ukraine


The corrupt Biden administration is reportedly working on a billion-dollar deal with Ukraine.  

The Biden Administration is reportedly working on a billion-dollar economic deal with Ukraine.


The U.S. is considering offering Ukraine up to $1 billion in sovereign loan guarantees to help Ukraine’s economy amid pressures from the Russian military build-up, a senior Biden administration official said on Monday.

The White House official was confirming what a source familiar with the matter had earlier recounted to Reuters about a conversation by national security adviser Jake Sullivan with congressional leaders.

“Yes it’s something we are considering as part of the additional macroeconomic support we are exploring to help Ukraine’s economy amidst pressure resulting from Russia’s military build-up,” the Biden administration official said.

So Americans are being told that Russia is going to enter Ukraine.  Most Americans don’t really care.  The US southern border is more important to Americans and not the Ukrainian border.

If Russia was going to invade Ukraine why would the US be in talks to give Ukraine a billion dollars?  Doesn’t that sound like a waste of money? 

Also, the last time Biden/Obama offered a billion to Ukraine, Biden halted the deal until a prosecutor was removed who was looking into the the Burisma company where Hunter Biden worked.

Something doesn’t pass the smell test here.  Russia is going to take over Ukraine so Biden decides to give Ukraine a billion-dollar deal?

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