Thursday 3 February 2022

Australian authoritarian overlords tell unvaxxed parents they can't see their kids in the hospital — and the media love it

 Unvaccinated parents in Western Australia this week found themselves subject to yet another diktat from their governmental officials.

Effective Monday, a new rule from Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan bans unvaxxed parents from seeing their own sick kids in the hospital, the Daily Mail reported.

The move is part of McGowan's repeated vow to make the lives of the unjabbed "very hard" in an attempt to strongarm those subjects into getting the shots. His plan to make the unvaxxed population's lives "get very difficult" also includes — once a vaccine passport system is finalized — barring citizens from sporting events, concerts, restaurants, bars, gyms, and more, as well as preventing them from being "able to work in a whole range of industries," the premier said in January, according to the Daily Mail.

And if a now-infamous clip from the "Sunrise" morning news show on Australia's Seven Network is any indication, the media "down under" is in love with the onerous new restriction for parents.

Show host Natalie Barr got the segment started with a summary of the new law and a helpful note that unvaccinated parents would be exempted from the law if their kid is facing an end-of-life situation — so at least there's that.

One of her guests, Basil Zempilas, the lord mayor of Perth and an Australian broadcaster, was sold.

"The one thing the premiers and the prime minister for that matter have been united on is the need to get vaccinated, so it becomes the ultimate test, doesn’t it?" Zempilas said. "If you’re unvaccinated and you’re going to what’s deemed a high-risk area – a hospital or an aged-care facility – the ability to go and see your loved one if you’re unvaccinated may well be taken away from you."

"Could that be the trigger to make you change your mind? I guess that’s the force at play here," he wondered, adding, "What would a parent do, confronted by that? Would it make you change your philosophy? Maybe it would, and maybe that’s what the government are banking on."

The show's other guest, Herald Sun columnist Susie O’Brien, declared that she was "all for this" new burden for parents.

“This is not about the rights of parents," she announced. "This is about the rights of the sick kids and the rights of the elderly to stay as safe as possible at a time when we know we’re dealing with a very virulent strain of the disease."

“If you are unvaccinated without a good reason, without a valid exemption, then you are going to find your movements curtailed," she said, continuing to justify the government's actions. "We went through this in Victoria months ago where even 12-year-olds couldn’t attend their own primary school graduations."

The new edict is exactly what's needed to cure what's ailing Australia, O'Brien said, saying that the government "needs" to "really shock and challenge people into ... change this philosophy, change their action, and get vaccinated."

Barr closed the clip saying, "People have had time."

"I mean, really," the anchor concluded.

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