Sunday 23 January 2022

WOW – Woman Newscaster After Getting Hit by a Car While Live on Air – “We’re All Good. That’s Live TV for You.”


Wow – A woman newscaster in West Virginia was hit by a car while she was live on air Wednesday night. reported on the incident:

A TV reporter made news of her own Wednesday night when she was hit by a car during a live feed, but was able to get up and finish her report.

Tori Yorgey of WSAZ Channel 3 had just begun speaking with anchor Tim Irr, reporting on a water main break and road conditions, when she was hit from behind by the luckily slow-moving vehicle, the video shows. Irr, who was looking at a teleprompter, is left confused when he hears Yorgey suddenly yell “Oh my gosh!”

The incident was shared on Twitter as well.

After getting hit, the woman says, “We’re all good.  That’s live TV for you.”

She then shared it was her last week on the job.  

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