Thursday 27 January 2022

“When I Went to Dearborn, Driving That… I Don’t Know, Man” – Joe Biden Veers Off Script During Meeting with Private Sector CEOs (VIDEO)


This was weird.

Joe Biden on Wednesday met with private sector CEOs in the State Dining Room to discuss his Build Back Broke agenda that is currently stalled in the senate.

At one point Joe Biden began rambling about driving a (Corvette?) in Dearborn…before completely falling apart as he veered off script.

“When I went to Dearborn, driving that, eh, you know, uh, was up there, uh…I don’t know, man,” said Biden.


Joe Biden had a bizarre outburst whilst one of the CEOs was thanking him for inviting him to the roundtable discussion.

“Come on, guys!” Biden said interrupting the CEO.


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