Saturday, 8 January 2022

WATCH: Biden Makes Up Total Lie About Lighting Striking His Home In Effort To “Connect” With Colorado Fire Victims

 While visiting Colorado residents who lost everything in rare winter wildfires that ripped through neighborhoods while ravaging over a thousand homes and businesses, Joe Biden decided to make the victims feel a little better by telling a lie about a house fire that never happened to him and Jill.

Jill and I have not gone through what you’ve gone through, but we have had lightning strike our home and almost lose our home.

And uh—uh—we only lost about uh—25% of it —and were able to rebuild.

But, uh—you know, uh—the hard part is the memorabilia you’ve lost—the special things that you’ve had put away that you’ve lost.

Say whaaaaat!???

In November, Joe Biden told another lie about his house burning down while discussing his “Build Back Better” plan to a New Hampshire audience.  Biden had a small house fire in his kitchen at his Delaware residence in 2004.  During his speech, he exaggerated the details of the house fire, saying his entire house was burned to the ground.

The Daily Mail Reports– “Without this bridge, as I said earlier, it’s a 10-mile detour just to get to the other side,’ he told the crowd. ‘And I know, having had a house burn down with my wife in it — she got out safely, God willing — that having a significant portion of it burn, I can tell: 10 minutes makes a hell of a difference.”  Biden said when discussing the importance of his infrastructure bill.

In 2004, Biden described the house fire as a small fire contained to his kitchen.

Biden has a history of embellishing stories dating back to his first presidential campaign in 1988.  During the campaign, he claimed to be in the top half of his class in law school at Syracuse.  Records show that he failed a class after being accused of plagiarism and finished near the bottom of his class, graduating 76th of 85 students.

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