Sunday 23 January 2022

The Biden Legacy: Former Policewomen Are Hunted for Assassination and Beatings by Taliban in Afghanistan


A former high-level female police officer wrote the Guardian this week to tell her horrific story now that Joe Biden withdrew all US forces from Afghanistan. The former policewomen are being hunted down by Taliban Islamists. The women are targets for assassination and beatings.

This is the Biden legacy.

Apparently, that stern lecture by Secretary of State Tony Blinken on women’s rights did not sink in with the Taliban overlords. Who could have seen this coming?

The Guardian reported:

There were several dozen women in the police – nobody is working now, they have all been told to just stay in their homes. Many went to Iran, some came to other cities like me, some are still living in our province.

But I was a a senior police officer in the province, that’s why there are so many threats directed at me. They are looking for me because I was senior, and responsible for recruiting women, I worked in the police for 10 years and there were no women more senior than me in the province.

They hate us and say we are not Muslim, because we got a salary from foreigners [western funds supported the security forces including for salaries] and we worked alongside men. They hate us more than other women. I don’t even tell my neighbours here that I was a policewoman before.

When the Taliban talk about an amnesty they are lying, they didn’t fulfil those promises. Just a few minutes ago, some neighbours called to warn me they are coming every day to the house [where I used to live] and ask where I am.

Even here I am moving from one place to another, changing where I stay every couple of nights. If they get me the only way I will be able to get out of their prison is death.

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