Saturday, 1 January 2022

Project Veritas FOIA’d The DOJ/FBI’s Communications With Reporters, Including New York Times – James O’Keefe: “Sh*t’s About To Get Real. #2022”


Sh*t is about to get real, because last Thursday, Project Veritas FOIA’d the Department of Justice and The FBI, in request of the following items.

  1. All memoranda, e-mails or other communications or records created or exchanged since August 1, 2020, that refer to or otherwise address the FBI and DOJ investigation into Project Veritas and the alleged theft of Ashley Biden’s diary, or other personal property or personal effects. A communication should be considered responsive to this request if it refers to the diary, or other personal property or personal effects, allegedly belonging to Ashley Biden and, at a minimum, any of the following: the FBI’s search of James O’Keefe’s home; James O’Keefe; Project Veritas; efforts to monitor Project Veritas; whether Project Veritas is a news organization; and whether Project Veritas reporters are journalists.
  2. All memoranda, e-mails, or other communications or records created or exchanged since January1, 2020, discussing (i) James O’Keefe; or (ii) Project Veritas or Project Veritas staff, representatives, or agents, including, but not limited to, Jered Ede, Paul Calli, and Ben Barr.
  3. All communications discussing or referring to James O’Keefe, Project Veritas, or its staff, representatives, or agents exchanged between DOJ or FBI personnel and any representative of a news organization including, but not limited to, the New York Times and New York Times reporters Michael Grynbaum, Marc Tracy, Mark Mazzetti, Michael Schmidt, William Rashbaum, and Adam Goldman.

In addition to records and communications exchanged between DOJ personnel, between DOJ personnel and representatives of other government agencies, or between DOJ personnel and members of the public, we request all responsive records and communications exchanged between DOJ personnel and any of the following: White House personnel, Executive Office of the President personnel, Secret Service personnel, Joe Biden, Ashley Biden, any other member or representative of the Biden family, including Roberta Kaplan and any other attorneys or agents of the Biden family, and Biden presidential campaign personnel.

See the full FOIA request here.

Last month, The FBI executed raids on Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe and multiple PV reporters.

TGP reported that The New York Times was the first to publish the story and request comment on the confidential investigation, immediately after raids were conducted.

The FBI was apparently looking for Ashley Biden’s “stolen” diary.

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