Tuesday 25 January 2022

“Patriot Front” Founder is 23-Year-Old Who Walked in the Tiki Torch March in Charlottesville


As suspected, our investigative research of the ‘Patriot Front’ shows that the leader of the group is a 23-year-old, and many of the members are government informants as well.  

Here we go again.  Is this all the FBI does?  How many actual criminals does the FBI arrest?  We see Comey, Hunter and McCabe walk free but Jan 6 innocents are thrown in DC jails?  This is very serious but so common that it’s become a joke.

A couple of weeks ago we reported on the mysterious ‘Patriot Front’ group that was seen in Washington D.C. and again in Chicago.  Per our review, we could tell that the individuals involved in the group were too fit to be radicals like the KKK, indicating they were likely another government-sponsored group.

This weekend the far left Unicorn riot identified the leader of this Deep State domestic terrorist group the “Patriot Front”.  The leader and founder is a 23-year-old male by the name of Thomas Ryan Rousseau.

Thomas Rosseau was able to get his supporters to pose for a photo that was later published in their forum.  And now it’s public. (Unicorn Riot)

Patriot Front was organized by Thomas Rousseau in the immediate aftermath of 2017’s Unite the Right march in Charlottesville, VA.

This young man has been arrested as noted below.  The FBI is notorious for taking individuals who have been arrested and through threats encouraging them to work with the FBI as informants.


We also located some notes related to interviews the Patriot Front has had with potential candidates for the group.  In these notes for one individual identified as Gabriel in California, it is noted that this candidate is a government informant.  Also, four individuals offer references on the guy.

Patriot Front GabrielCASanJoseInformantNotes by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Below is a composite of the group.


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