Wednesday 12 January 2022

Now Even the Far-Left Media is Reporting on the Grocery Crisis and Empty Shelves Across the Nation


Joe Biden is now in real trouble.  Even the far-left media that always backs him and all things liberal/progressive are abandoning him.  

We’ve been reporting for some time on the grocery and goods shortages from around the country.

HotAir reports today:

If the positives fouling the grocery supply chains are Omicron — and they are almost certainly near 100% of those cases — then the isolation is pointless. This variant will come into contact with every household eventually, regardless of workplace isolation. It’s far too transmissible to expect anything else, and we may already be largely arriving at that status. Asymptomatic people are almost zero risk to vaccinated coworkers and customers, and still very low risk to unvaccinated people. Symptomatic people should stay home anyway for their own health, but everyone else should be allowed to get to work.

HotAir then went on to report that the far-left is now even reporting this.  Far-left Slate reports:

Grocery stores and food supply chains have been stretching themselves throughout the pandemic to keep products in stock, but the onset of omicron is now upending operations across the board. In the grocery stores themselves, outbreaks among staff are exacerbating already-existing labor shortages stemming from the Great Resignation. Bloomberg reports that cases have tripled among the staff of SpartanNash, a major grocery chain and supplier in the Midwest, over the last few weeks, with about 1 percent of its 18,000 employees testing positive. The company has still been able to fulfill orders, though there have been delays, even with lots of employees working overtime. Beyond directly infecting the workforce, the omicron variant has had some secondhand impacts on the industry’s labor. Many parents who work in grocery stores are staying home due to widespread school and daycare closures, and other employees have decided their jobs just aren’t worth the risk of exposure during this surge.

Grocers have struggled to get their hands on certain items due to similar staffing shortages up the various food supply chains they rely on, forcing them to seek out different brands or to simply leave the shelves empty. For example, Reuters reports that there’s been a spate of infections among inspectors at meat plants, who according to federal law must approve meat products before they are sold commercially. The USDA has been trying to send inspectors to staff shortage hotspots, such as Wisconsin, in response. The United Food and Commercial Workers has further noted an uptick of infections among meatpacking workers, particularly at plants that have not urged their staffs to get booster shots. And slaughterhouses have been operating at lower capacity due to short-handed crews; on Friday, the number of cattle slaughtered was down 6 percent, and the number of pigs slaughtered down 5 percent, compared to last year, according to the USDA. Altogether, these supply chain hiccups, inflation, and booming demand may lead to further increases in meat prices.

The far-left Washington Post also finally is reporting on this crisis as well.

It’s barely 2022 and already social media is swamped with pictures of empty grocery shelves — from cream cheese to paper towels, children’s juice boxes and cat food.

Some of the culprits for this round of shortfalls are the same as in the early days of the pandemic, and some can be chalked up to new problems bumping up against old ones.

The new problem the Washington Post is referring to is the Biden gang of incompetents who really have no idea how to address any issue.

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